Intolerance Vs Tolerance @INDIA

Greetings from The Hypocrite World ,


Rise Above #Tolerance and #Intolerance .

I am writing my first blog in deep agony due to the reactions over Tolerance & Intolerance in INDIA.


There are celebs who are not feeling safe with high security provided to them. There are political parties which are dividing our country over religion & caste. A reward of One Lakh Rupees was announced to slap Aamir Khan.
I mean , seriously ? What is happening to our country.People are dying cos of starvation, terrorists , diseases.
No body is giving a damn about those 35% Indians who are below poverty line, or to those remote areas where people actually don’t know that there is something known as Electricity and Filter Water exist.We live in a world full of hypocrisy. We can watch a girl groaning in acute pain & distress on road for hours after getting raped. But will never teach our generation about Sex Education.
We can go on a candle light march at India Gate, but will never support Rape Victims.
90% rape victims loose their social life after the worst nightmare they can ever get. A student girl victim whose MMS got leaked had to leave the country due to shame because our society didn’t look upto her the same way it used to before the incident.
Why our government feels Banning the Porn Sites is a vital solution ? Rather than banning the politicians who make absurd comments on Women, Religion or on Poor everyday.
Its we , who are at Fault. Yes We.
We are giving them the right to manipulate our minds.
” When a man standing on a road watching the sky , seems crazy to all and When few people start gazing the sky makes sense to us that Oh ! There must be something happening over there “
Don’t let a bunch of politicians or bollywood celebrities or the media to make us think  who we are or what is India.
Search, Read and Learn about Indian Heritage & Indian Civilisation.
Don’t make comments on any religion or at any particular section of our society.
” Right to Speak ” should not be vested till a particular section of the society or organisation.
Right to speak should be vested to the underprivileged also. They should be also heard. The government should make efforts to eradicate poverty, increase security, stop human trafficking, prevent & cure diseases, rather than fighting with other political parties.

So stop the chaos and stop dividing the nation over #Tolerance or #Intolerance.

Work and make efforts to make the World A Better Place To Live In.


Please share this article and leave suggestions and questions below.
Harsh Sirohi
The Hypocrite World

9 thoughts on “Intolerance Vs Tolerance @INDIA

  1. Shivangi Verma says:

    Absolutely true harsh ! Great compilation of everything that needs to be taken care of ! The day a baby is born he is been dichotomized as hindu, muslim, christian , low class etc. There are a million of things that the youth stands against of but practices every single day. ‘Pretending to be ideal’ has become a natural habit of everyone today that needs to be curbed! We need to find our true selves built our own personality and serve the society for their good.
    #together in your mission for enlightning the people to know the real India

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  2. TSP says:

    This is so powerful and very true. This particular line “We can go on a candle light march at India Gate, but will never support Rape Victims. 90% rape victims loose their social life after the worst nightmare they can ever get. ” Really speaks the truth. Good for you! I’m glad you’re bringing light to this. It’s been far too long since this has been suppressed and not discussed.

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  3. gratificationnotgratified says:

    We all wear a mask..nobody is real..everybody is hiding something in himself..I just now loved the beginning ..GREETING FROM THE HYPOCRITE WORLD” .. I strongly believe that in our country people are not concerned with others problem or problem of society in general..they are just concerned with how the person is progressing… Here are CM is engaged in asking for the degree of our PM.. In our country where people can do riot over religion.. And the politician take this an advantage of increasing their vote banks.. Your anger can be seen and felt by anyone.. But tell me harsh , is there any solution? How we can act upon this situation? I don’t see any solution .. And that’s what make me feel more disappointed each time I try to see over our country political matters.. Everyone over here is just longing for MUSCLE AND MONEY POWER! nothing else…

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    • HARSH SIROHI says:

      Dear reader, I am really glad that you took time to read my blog and hence gave your valuable feedback.
      Well here is the answer to your question,
      No one is more powerful than the public. See a politician will be a politician his/her entire life , they don’t have anything left. Their options are closed and in the country there are near around 3000 politicians ( with some authority ).
      The country is a home to 1.3 billion people. Just 3000 and we are 1.3 bn.
      We feel weak that is our biggest fault.
      We feel politicians are driving the country. There is no denial that they take opportunities to make us fight each other but they don’t hand us over a gun. It we who take law in our hands..
      And I am writing to you because I believe you are educated and can understand my point. I can’t go and tell this to the people involved in Jaat riots.
      So understand ,here is the solution. Become a great citizen of this country. Try to do your bit and motivate others to do their bit in making this country a better place to live in.
      What to do ? – here what you need to do , save water for the sake of our farmers and tribal people who are dying because of drought. Protect the women from sexual harassment and rape. Feed the poor and homeless. Protect the nation’s property, don’t let anyone destroy it.
      Don’t restrict to a particular job. Explore what all you can do in your life. But whatever you do should make a positive impact in the society.

      You are way greater than any politician who tries to make profit out of politics.
      You are a gem to India and to the world. Don’t let anyone else outshine you.
      Show your own aura and power but in a positive way. Stay motivated.
      Don’t give a shit to a person who is interested in knowing PM’s degree rather than working towards the protection of women and environment of Delhi.

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      • gratificationnotgratified says:

        Well thank you harsh for letting me understand these things..but I already do whatever I can.. But this is something out of my reach.. After reading your blog regarding transgender thing.. I decided for doing an awareness program for these people for motivating them to study I don’t know how much u remember but I mentioned that they need to be motivated..but u know when I discussed this my frnds ..they were like ..what u r up to..kon jaega yahan wahan.. I contribute my me.. But our country wants us to stand together for a cause… I too have a political background.. N my father keep asking me to meet this minister n that ..but I literally get offended.. He served a political party and the state to which I belong..sincerely.. But what he reaped off..was terror on phone calls regarding kidnapping of his own children ..due to which he gave he obviously valued us over that money and power.. But what I wanna say the whole system is such a dirt that the good in u will eventually die one day!
        Nobody can outshine me.. Until n unless I am there to stand for me… But I will surely bring people together for a cause one day.. For sure!! N thanks for giving your valuable time of life..

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