Worth Dying ?? @Mumbai Local Train

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Is it worth Dying to board a train ?
Mumbai or New York, it doesn’t matter. What matters, is the lives being claimed by trains or subways in day to day life.


The sources tell us an average of nine persons lost their lives daily due to accidents, suicides or natural deaths while on the move in suburban Mumbai Railway, the lifeline of the country’s financial capital in 2015.

Yesterday , a young boy , 21 years old lost his life after falling from a running Mumbai local.

Here comes the real question ? Who killed him ?

Was it the public , or the local train or he, himself ?
The ugly truth is they all were equally guilty. I have personally travelled in Mumbai local during my stay in Mumbai. But the alarming issue is the gates . If Mumbai local or our Indian Railways would have closed doors like Delhi Metro, these type of fatal accidents could have been prevented.

Why commuters turned so selfish and ignorant in the video ? He was continuously asking them to shift inside as he was loosing grip. But people were making fun of him and his own friend was making his video.

Wasn’t it his fault ? He could have left the train and could have come in a crowed train but inside not hanging like a pendulum. Or was it a style statement to travel like a PRO. Whatever the reasons are , we can’t neglect the desolate fact that he lost his life and left his family in deep torment.

The same deaths used to happen in Delhi when previous DTC buses used to run. But after Marocpolo buses whose gates get closed have resulted in significant decrement of fatal cases like these.

Our government should also take essential steps to safeguard the commuters from these type of accidents.
But the most important step has to be taken by us. Lets pledge and act sensible.

Never travel in this fashion , risking your life for any reason. Neither let anyone else travel like this. Don’t act as an audience and watch the DEATH  play its course.

ACT  sensible , AIM to save life  , ACHIVE greatness.


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Harsh Sirohi
The Hypocrite World




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