Licence to commit crime ?? – The Juvenile Act @India – Think Again

Greetings Readers,


We live in a world where a lot of species prevail and the most abhorrent and sordid among them are the rapists & murderers.


Recently, one of the convicts was set free, who was the only minor among those who were found guilty in the Delhi Rape case ( 16th December 2012 ).

News channels have started their common praxis of debating into finding who is onus for this. Every channel gets into the rat race to showcase debate and their conclusions.

But, who has suffered ?

Is it the girl who got raped ? Well yes she was the acute sufferer and may her soul rest in peace. But she was not alone, everyday in world , women are getting raped. It is more alarming than Global Warming. What will you do if the social environment is not safe despite of living in a smart city ?

But who is at fault ?

The government ?

Yes it is undoubtedly. If the Juvenile act would have been amended near around 2005 when there was an alarming increase in the criminals falling in  the age group of 16-18. WRONG !

The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 is the primary legal framework for juvenile justice in India. The act provides for a special approach towards the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and provides a framework for the protection, treatment and rehabilitation of children in the purview of the juvenile justice system. This law, brought in compliance of the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), repealed the earlier Juvenile Justice Act of 1986 after India signed and ratified the UNCRC in 1992. This act has been further amended in 2006 and 2010. The Government of India is once again contemplating bringing further amendments and a review committee has been constituted by Ministry of Women and Child Development which is reviewing the existing legislation

Yes the JJA has been amended a couple of times, but still the rape cases went on increasing. Everywhere in news, they are making Rajya Sabha guilty of not amending the JJA earlier with new firm punishments and exceptions.

The thing is, we as Humans are very shallow from inside, we only see what we want to see and hear what is pleasant to our ears.

No doubt , Government is at fault. It has not been effective in establishing new courts. There is a never ending list of cases which is pending from decades. In India, most of the cases get their final verdict after the people who are involved have already died a long time ago.

Oh, ya right. Now you will start blaming the Delhi Police. Of course, you must. Somewhere, they have been incompetent in protecting us. WRONG !

They are trying their level best to make the environment safe for you all to live in. Atleast 70% of the department is. There are only 85000 policemen, out of those 45000 are assigned to protect the VIPS. So only 40,000 Policemen to protect 18,248,290 people of Delhi. ie. One Delhi Policeman is protecting 456 Delhiites.

This is why the crimes are inclining so rapidly as we have lack of defence forces. Again WRONG !
We have all the defence we need. ” WE “. Why we need to depend on our police system to protect us. Yes it is their moral duty to safeguard the citizens and their property and getting criminals to trials in courts, and they are trying hard to fulfil it.

Its not the Juvenile Justice Act which is giving a licence to criminals, its WE.

But the QUESTION remains the same ? What is the solution ?

The solution is WE, the youth. If we decide to stop any crime happening near around us. There will be no need of sitting at INDIA GATE for a candle march. Yes, we need to support the victims but primarily we need to stop the crimes. Again it is 456 of us against 1 criminal.

We hope that today the Rajya Sabha will pass the amendments and Juvenile Justice Act will decrease the age from 18 to 16 and make additions to enforce law strictly.

But it is you, who need to buckle up against the crimes. Lets pledge today that We won’t let anyone tease or rape a woman. lets make Delhi a RAPE Free city. It is very challenging but not impossible.

And trust me its far better than watching news and debates over the same thing again & again.

Aim to Protect the women

Act within time and when needed to protect them

Achieve the safety of your loved ones

You and your family will be safe , when Delhi will be safe. So make it.


Share this article as much as possible and Pledge to protect Women and DELHI.

Harsh Sirohi
The Hypocrite World




I will marry a non-virgin girl , will you ?

Greetings Readers,


We live in a world where a lot of species prevail and the most amazing among them are the women.


They are lovely, caring , beautiful , understanding. They give you the best memories of your lives and the warmest hugs.. They will be always there whenever you need them.


But deep down , we all have secrets , So do they. They are afraid to share it because they feel people will start judging them. We promise them that we won’t.
So they share their heart out.


There you go, she has just shared one of the deepest secret she has, She is not a VIRGIN.
Yeah she isn’t.

But why are you feeling like she is going to kill you because she is not a virgin.


well, trust me. She won’t kill you. Haha !

Now she has trusted you and told you her secret. But hey why have you started ignoring her text ? Oh you must be busy , never mind. Reply whenever you will find time.



But why does it happen when she tells you that she is not a virgin, People start judging her and most of the men don’t want to get married to them.


Yes people change. They feel all broken. They don’t feel like trusting anyone anymore.


“WE” who call ourselves educated are so blindfolded by the Taboo and Orthodox thinking of our society. That we don’t feel comfortable going to a chemist to buy a condom. We don’t feel comfortable in talking about SEX in public.
We judge people on these things. WHY ?

Is having sex a crime ? Is talking about your sexual desires and fantasies a crime ?
Why girls get ready to get married to non-virgin men, but we boys fail to do so.


No, I won’t let you go.
Everyone has secrets, everyone enjoys their lives. We must not judge anyone on these criteria.

In fact it is an advantage to marry a non-virgin partner.

You guys won’t be making love for the first time in your lives, so you both are experienced now. You won’t feel nervous on your special night.
The bond of trust and friendship you both will develop , will last forever. Because you know each other in and out, there are no secrets left to hide.

All she wants is love not a judgement.



You give her the love she deserves and longs for. You will be the happiest person in this world. You have her, the most beautiful and important part of your life after your mother.

She will keep you happy forever.

All you need to do is TRUST her, RESPECT her the way she is and most important – LOVE her, make her feel special.


So stand against the odds, stand against the world. What the society thinks, it doesn’t matter , what matters is her. Fight the hypocrite world.
She is worth fighting for, she is worth standing against the world.

If you love her , she is the one. Stop judging her. She will become yours forever.


YES,  I will marry a non-virgin girl, but will you ?

#Peace #Love

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Harsh Sirohi
The Hypocrite World