I will marry a non-virgin girl , will you ?

Greetings Readers,


We live in a world where a lot of species prevail and the most amazing among them are the women.


They are lovely, caring , beautiful , understanding. They give you the best memories of your lives and the warmest hugs.. They will be always there whenever you need them.


But deep down , we all have secrets , So do they. They are afraid to share it because they feel people will start judging them. We promise them that we won’t.
So they share their heart out.


There you go, she has just shared one of the deepest secret she has, She is not a VIRGIN.
Yeah she isn’t.

But why are you feeling like she is going to kill you because she is not a virgin.


well, trust me. She won’t kill you. Haha !

Now she has trusted you and told you her secret. But hey why have you started ignoring her text ? Oh you must be busy , never mind. Reply whenever you will find time.



But why does it happen when she tells you that she is not a virgin, People start judging her and most of the men don’t want to get married to them.


Yes people change. They feel all broken. They don’t feel like trusting anyone anymore.


“WE” who call ourselves educated are so blindfolded by the Taboo and Orthodox thinking of our society. That we don’t feel comfortable going to a chemist to buy a condom. We don’t feel comfortable in talking about SEX in public.
We judge people on these things. WHY ?

Is having sex a crime ? Is talking about your sexual desires and fantasies a crime ?
Why girls get ready to get married to non-virgin men, but we boys fail to do so.


No, I won’t let you go.
Everyone has secrets, everyone enjoys their lives. We must not judge anyone on these criteria.

In fact it is an advantage to marry a non-virgin partner.

You guys won’t be making love for the first time in your lives, so you both are experienced now. You won’t feel nervous on your special night.
The bond of trust and friendship you both will develop , will last forever. Because you know each other in and out, there are no secrets left to hide.

All she wants is love not a judgement.



You give her the love she deserves and longs for. You will be the happiest person in this world. You have her, the most beautiful and important part of your life after your mother.

She will keep you happy forever.

All you need to do is TRUST her, RESPECT her the way she is and most important – LOVE her, make her feel special.




So stand against the odds, stand against the world. What the society thinks, it doesn’t matter , what matters is her. Fight the hypocrite world.
She is worth fighting for, she is worth standing against the world.

If you love her , she is the one. Stop judging her. She will become yours forever.


YES,  I will marry a non-virgin girl, but will you ?

#Peace #Love

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Harsh Sirohi
The Hypocrite World




30 thoughts on “I will marry a non-virgin girl , will you ?

  1. TSP says:

    This is a very important issue that South Asian women still struggle with even in the Western culture. I’ve heard many women share their stories of guilt of sleeping with a person who is in a committed relationship with them. It’s unfortunate that something that is supposed to be intimate and connect couples even more is surrounded by stigma and shame. When someone judges you it says more about them than it does about you. Great share!

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  2. Tenzin says:

    How beautiful it would have been if everyone in this world jist thought the same way as you do.
    I dont understand why all the odds are for woman in this world, why always girls have to fight for their rights.
    I think the problem lies in the knowledgewe pass to our generations which becomes a rule book for them
    People need to come out of the shell and let their heart speaks.
    We came alone in the world and we will leave alone, so its a request to everyone do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say.
    This world is just the starting of your book, there are many volumes to be printed so cheer up and come out.

    And thanks Harsh for saying such beautiful words, acceptance is all what a girl wants and i am so happy that you will accept your partner the way she is or want to be.
    We need more guys like you.❤

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  3. Mohd Afzal says:

    I completely agree to each and every point that you have mentioned dude, women are the most precious creatures in the whole Universe…. Being a Virgin or not is one’s personal choice, many couples get into a committed relationship and get physical then after sometimes only she gets to know that he was just fulfilling his physical desires…. Girl breaks into uncountable pieces and lose faith in everyone, what was her fault? she does everything to make her fairy tale love story the most beautiful among the rest of the love stories that exist…. what was her fault ? ( vice-versa)

    Some couples are forced to live apart from each other for the rest of their lives, reasons could be anything (but the point is they were loyal and their love was true and pure)

    Now what I want to add here is, I personally think Love making is the most precious gift that god has gifted to couples, which creates unforgettable and uncountable memories and I believe it is really not possible to overcome from those memories which once you shared, it hurts like no one can imagine…
    Isn’t it a good thought to wait until you get married ?

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Well written…. I personally believe that it’s not a big deal whether she is virgin or not? At the end the only thing that matter is whether she loves you or not. She might have boyfriend whom she loved. So, it’s a natural thing to have sex when you are in a relationship which has no relation to marriage.
    Women are treated as a object, example – Manufacturer of a product put a seal of the product to prove genuineness. Would you accept a bottle whose is broken? Manufacturer put a notice on bottle DO NOT ACCEPT IF SEAL IS BROKEN. Yes, same here women is treated.

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  5. Zeist says:

    Well said Harsh, i totally agree with you. I wish all people think in the same way as you do then the world or should i say our country would have been on another level. People who measure a girl’s character by her “virginity” are the most “shallow” people. We need guys like you. Keep your work going. Regards 🙂

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Well..in world like this..guy like u exists..I just wish every mom should be blessed like a guy like you..but this is what u feel..girls in India are judged on this thing every now and then..and telling the truth is much more difficult than hiding it within ourselves.. And most of the guy don’t appreciate the fact that the girl trusted him enough to tell the truth.just hope you are person without a mask..n the girl u will marry will be very lucky..

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    • HARSH SIROHI says:

      Well, people are changing now. I wish & hope you will also end up marrying a guy who will respect you in every aspect and love you the way you are 🙂
      Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Women and girls in our country are always judged now and then over this thing..if you are really a person without a mask..and you mean what u wrote..then I just wish every mom should be blessed with a boy like you..n the girl u will marry will be the luckiest one.. I won’t say well said or well written..I will just say..extraordinary thinking..
    All the best.. Hope u create a revolution with your thinking ..

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Well tried writing thrice..but every time I erased what I wrote..just wanna say..in a country like India where women are always judged on the criteria of being virgin or not,every now and then..a boy came out with a thinking like this..making me to rethink that there are good people out there in our country..I will not say well said or well written because you are author ..u will be good with your words..for sure ..but what matters to me was your “SOCH” aka .”THINKING”. I just want to say..if u are really a person without a mask..n u have thinking like this..then every mother should be blessed with a guy like you.. And girl u marry..will be the luckiest one.. All the best..may u create revolution with your thinking and wisdom..
    “m not good with words by the way” 🙂

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  9. rjshrivastava94 says:

    Beautifully quoted.. Every sentence of this states the situation of a gal who fights against all the odds she face in her life… whether it’s the matter of #Love #Friendship #Family #Beingagirlchild #loyalty #trust she always try to stand against those odds.. the only thing she needed from her Soul mate/Friends/ family is the goddamn #Trust..

    This post is just beautiful.. Best One mate Harsh… !!


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    • HARSH SIROHI says:

      Dear Kavya ,
      I am agonised to know that you are suffering from this
      But always remember you don’t owe anything to this society.
      You are beautiful the way you are and you should be proud of whatever you have done in your life.
      Don’t give a damn about what people think. Their shallow judgement should not affect you.


  10. Kavya says:

    I Agree wid u Harsh but, it is so painful to face such situation. Whatever u hv written on this blog I feel it’s all about myself. I love a person blindly, I trust him blindly but wen I told him about my past, I lost respect, Love and everything. M totally broken from inside. Han that’s true m not showing to anyone but, that doesn’t mean I am strong enough.
    I M still trying to save our relationship but, I think nw it’s impossible to fix.

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  11. Sukriti Sawhney says:

    Well said harsh !!
    I am so happy after reading this article of yours !!
    It’s something that our society needs to understand rather than being judgemental!
    Being a virgin or not is somebody’s personal choice , and it has nothing to do with the society
    I hope people understands it soon !!
    And yes you write really well ✌🏻️

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  12. Siya says:

    I myself an example of such rejection…i fall in love with a guy..we had intimate times..then this other man(1side attraction).. Told him that i had relation with him…my love left me..without any explanation.. But that put an end to my happy life…even my brother left home..i live alone with my mom n sis…what i learned after all these is never ever trust a guy…i know its a hard decision.. But society lives on this rule…we hv to live within it…

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