” When I loved an aviatrix “


She was beautiful and a woman of grace,

I could always find her near the airbase.

Yes, she was an aviatrix.

I wanted to talk to her but she could see through all my tricks.


One day finally she agreed on meeting,

The moment I saw her, my heart stopped beating.

She was wearing a red dress,

Obviously I was impressed.

Mesmerising were the glittering bellies in her feet,

I came prepared & dressed up, to look smart and neat.

She came and whispered in my ears,

Impress me today and I shall be yours.


The date went fine,

We had some wine.

We danced for a while,

Oh God ! Her smile.


After the date, I dropped her home.

She insisted that I should come along.

It was eve and we kept on talking,

Her neighbourhood friends were shocked,

Because it was then almost morning.


She left me because of her work pressure.

Said she,  I would find girls who would be far better.

Who would tell her , I don’t need better.

It was just her now it doesn’t matter.


Your eyes were magical,

Thought it was make up & facial.

But little did I know,

The eyes captivated me the moment we met,

I said Yes but you said No.


Remember the night after the date at your home ?

It was the same like the high school prom.

But do you still think about that night lately ?

I surely have, still do and will keep on doing till eternity.


That late night talk with Marlboro clove,

I can’t remember a single word of it though.

All I remember is you sitting on the bed while I was on chair,

Hey wait I now remember, you complimented me for my hair.


Your neighbourhood friends must have thought,

that we were having some action.

But who will tell those fools, sitting by your side,

talking whole night looking in your eyes was the real pleasure.


You told me you knew karate so I better watch myself.

But it was the charm, the fragrance of your soul which forced me to let go.

You asked to watch,

All I could watch, was how adorable you looked while those eyes closed.


It was dark, It was cold.

Nothing was intentional,

Believe me darling,

I was’t even bold.


How could I touch you knowingly ?

It was the chilling breeze which forced us to hug passionately.

But the moment we hugged, we generated some spark,

The cuddling was enough to make you laugh.


I am glad we shared the room that night,

My future might be dull, but my love is bright.

Doesn’t matter what you think whether you have any clue,

My lady let me tell you, I still love you.


When I saw you for the first time,

My heart started beating so fast.

At that very moment I knew,

My love for you would last.

Not for short but for very long,

It’s raining here, I wish you were along.


Why do I have to tell you ? Why am I doing this ?

I already did, if you still have our last pic.

I am not lonely , trust me darling,

Till my last breath, I will be shinning.

Like a star but not at night,

I will be shinning in the bright light.


You went because you had work,

You had to get trained.

I am sure the flights are beautiful,

But not more than the rain.


Some love stories are never meant to be successful,

But people still fall in love and do extreme.

At the end it’s all about,

How can it be peaceful … to live this dream.

I think about us and I do get sad,

I always thought my lass that I was your lad.

I have decided to be happy and safe.

Our love should be our strength,

Thats all I care and want to face.


So don’t worry about me being lonely and sad,

You are always there with me every night on my bed.

Love was never about the physical presence,

But the aura of the beloved, her essence.


People ask me, why can’t I get over her ?

They say,  life is big and I should give someone else a chance.

I should live free, sing crazily and dance.

But It still doesn’t matter what they think,

whether they have any clue,

Yes I loved an aviatrix and believe it or not,

I still love you.


Harsh Sirohi

The Hypocrite World



Harsh Sirohi is a Blogger, Social Service Activist, Businessman, Entrepreneur and a Dreamer who strongly believes in the power of Optimism and Commencement. He is an organization builder & a strong leader, known for his voluntary and humanitarian work for the society at South Asia level. The Blog on his website will take you to the realities of The Hypocrite World. The alarming issues , the social responsibility , the power of being a Human Being.



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