What is life ? – a short poem




What is life ?

A reality or an actress in disguise?

Some complains that it is not easy,

Everything has a price.

But I had the opportunity,

Not to live it once, but twice.


Now when I spend time with my family,

I get to know what true love is.

I was stupid and may be childish,

To find it in someone else, who doesn’t even exist!


The power of love is limitless.

That I witnessed while fighting a disease on my deathbed.


I saw my parents crying.

They were worried.

They were eating but not food,

It was the fear, not the food.


With every smile they ate that fear.

The fear they had of losing me.

I was just seventeen, when I saw it coming.

Trust me!

The death is very cunning.


It shows you a better world,

Full of joy & peace.

Where there is no pain or disease.


Then, when I was having blackouts,

The death asked me to let go.

I was almost ready to leave.

To leave the hope, and quit trying.


Then I sensed a hand on my forehead.

The warmth of that sensation, the feeling I can’t describe.

Because miracles can’t be rationalised.


They are beautiful wonders of the world.

They all generate from a mother’s love.

When I was about to let go,

It was my mother who brought me back.


The smile on her face whenever I opened my eyes,

The sound of her weeping behind the doors.

They all became my strength to fight the death,

And to see through it’s hoax.


It’s been 5 years since the incident took place,

The same September has come again.

I went through a lot of change,

But what remains unchanged is my mother’s love.


Life is not what you live once,

Life is what you live everyday.

Not with the people you love,

But with the people who love you.


I am truly blessed, not because I have someone who loves me.

I am blessed because I know & appreciate it.

You all have parents & your siblings.

There is always someone who loves you.


All you need to do is appreciate their love.

Life would be easy if you do.

Challenges would remain the same.

But what will become more fun, is the game.


The game of living, caring & giving.

Learn form the nature to be selfless.

If you can’t then you are already dead.


Because life is not what you live once,

Life is what you live everyday.